Board Nomination Process


Each spring, the current Executive Board of Vista Academy Foundation organizes a Nomination Committee to oversee the recruitment, nomination process, and finalization of the Nomination Slate for the board of the upcoming school year.  The committee is formed in February and reviews board structure, position descriptions, and voting roles before delivering a finalized slate to the Executive Board for approval during the March meeting. Upon approval, the recruitment process opens and is active until the week prior to the May board meeting.  During this meeting, the board votes to approve candidates on the Nomination Slate which is then inaugurated on July 1st of the new school year. 


View Position Descriptions for Vista Academy Foundation


To inquire about a position or to add your name to the Nomination Slate, please email



Nomination Slate


*Bolded positions are required to attend all monthly meetings and will have voting rights.

**Non-bolded positions work on their projects in collaboration with their committee chairperson and are welcome - but not required - to attend and participate in monthly meetings, but do not have voting rights.

***Maximum of 15 Voting Members, Quorum is 51% or more


Executive Board President  
  Vice President  
  Assistant Treasurer  
Operations Grant Writing Chairperson  
  Corresponding Secretary  
  Rules of Order - Meetings  
  Website Coordinator  
  Board Development / Recruitments for School Events  
Operations - Special Projects  Historian - Photographer  
  Inventory Specialist  
 Artistic  Artistic Chairperson  
   Festival of the Arts Coordinator  
   Conservatory Advocate - Art  TBD by Specialty Teacher
   Conservatory Advocate - Drama  TBD by Specialty Teacher
   Conservatory Advocate - Dance  TBD by Specialty Teacher
   Conservatory Advocate - Music  TBD by Specialty Teacher
   La Galeria Art Shows  
 Social / Emotional  Social / Emotional Chairperson  
   School Liaison  TBD by Vista Academy Staff
   Publicity / Media  
   Year Book Chair  
   Family Night Chair - Back to School  
   Family Night Chair - Fall Carnival  
   Family Night Chair - Winterfest  
   Family Night Chair - Dia  
   Family Night Chair - Open House  
 Intellectual  Teacher / Staff Representative  TBD by Vista Academy Staff
   IB Magnet Repesentative  TBD by Vista Academy Staff
   Literacy Representative  
   ELAC Representative  
   Adopt-a-Class TBD by Vista Academy Staff
 Fundraising  Fundraising Chairperson  
   Community Outreach  
   Book Fair - Fall/Spring  
   Dine/Outs - Monthly  
  Fall Fundraiser (Booktoberfest)  
   Spring Fundraiser (Fun Run)  
   Recycling Coordinator  
   Spirit Wear  
   Student Store